Spinal disease

Spinal diseases treated by NIISwa include:

Vascular malformations

  • More broadly covered in the “Vascular malformation” section, these lesions may also occur in the spine and spinal cord. They can present very differently to vascular malformations in the brain, however the treatment options are usually similar, consisting of endovascular operations, open operations or external radiation. The choice of modality depends on the differences in each patient's vascular malformation as well as patient choice.

    For more information, discuss these with your doctor, who can refer you to a NIISwa Interventional Neuroradiologist for consultation. Such cases would be presented in a multidisciplinary forum where all potential treatment modalities would be considered.

  • Percutaneous spinal interventions
  • NIISwa offers a comprehensive spinal intervention service, including a comprehensive CSF leak management service (imaging workup, targeted patching and personalized followup); Vertebroplasty (minimally invasive cement augmentation of fractured vertebral bodies affected by osteoporosis and malignancy, performed under sedation), complex percutaneous vertebral biopsies and drainage; advanced imaging guided minimally invasive interventions for pain (facet joint injection, epidural injection, nerve root sleeve injection and other ancillary injections), and other diagnostic and therapeutic interventions (myelography, lumbar drain insertion and lumbar puncture (including for chemotherapy)).

    For more information, discuss these with your doctor, who can refer you to NIISwa if appropriate.