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Patient Information


Many of the procedures described below may be performed on an outpatient basis. In such cases the patient is usually admitted the morning of the procedure to the Day Ward and the procedure scheduled for the morning list. This allows an afternoon discharge approximately 6 hours after the procedure.


A doctor will go over the details of the procedure with you and allow you an opportunity to ask questions prior to signing a consent form. An intravenous cannula will usually be inserted before entering the angiography suite.

Occasionally, unexpected urgent cases may take precedence over an outpatient appointment delaying the procedure and subsequent discharge.

Although problems occurring after discharge are uncommon, it is strongly advisable that you stay with someone the night of the procedure. Travelling home by public transport is also not advisable. In the rare instance that bleeding from the groin does recur or swelling develops in the groin, firm pressure should be applied just above the puncture site whilst medical attention is sought.



Diagnostic Cerebral and Carotid Angiography

Tumour Embolisation

Carotid Artery Stenting

Chemical Infusion and Balloon Angioplasty for Vasospasm


Advanced Neurological Imaging

CT/MR Neuro Imaging


Useful Links

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Download this file (Carotid Stent Brochure.pdf)Carotid Stent Information81 kB2014-02-07 10:16
Download this file (Cerebral Angiograms Brochure.pdf)Cerebral Angiograms Information Sheet79 kB2014-02-07 10:15
Download this file (Epidural Injection Brochure.pdf)Epidural Injection Information Sheet201 kB2014-02-07 10:14
Download this file (Facet Joint Injection Brochure.pdf)Facet Joint Injection Information Sheet77 kB2014-02-07 10:09
Download this file (Lumbar Puncture Brochure.pdf)Lumbar Puncture Brochure211 kB2014-02-07 10:08
Download this file (Myelogram Brochure.pdf)Myelogram Information Sheet197 kB2014-02-07 10:15
Download this file (Nerve root sleeve injection Brochure .pdf)Nerve Root Sleeve Injection Information Sheet132 kB2014-02-07 10:15
Download this file (Patient Discharge Instruction Sheet.pdf)Lumbar Puncture Information Sheet364 kB2014-02-07 10:05